What to Look For When Choosing a Cat Boarding Facility

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What to Look For When Choosing a Cat Boarding Facility

20 June 2017
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While cats are very independent creatures who can be left alone for some time, it's often good to have them boarded if you'll be out of the house overnight, and especially if you're leaving the home for more than just a day. This is to ensure the cat is safe and doesn't suffer any injuries or medical emergencies while you're away, and also has some attention from humans! When you're ready to choose a cat boarding facility, note a few details to look for so you know you get one that is safe for your cat and that won't add to its anxiety of being in a new environment.

Cats only

Being boarded with other animals can be stressful enough for cats; the sound of dogs barking or the smell of other animals can make it even worse for them. Choose a cats-only boarding facility for your pet, to ensure their stay doesn't create undue stress and anxiety.


You may not like the hassle of having to show paperwork that proves your cat is current on its vaccinations, but you don't want your cat around unvaccinated animals either. This can allow diseases to spread between them, and you might come home with a very sick cat. Only choose cat boarders who insist on having proof of vaccinations from their customers, so you know your pet will be protected.

Associated vet

Ask what the boarding facility will do if a cat gets sick, and if they have an association with a veterinarian's office that offers emergency care. Keep in mind that a pet's health emergency, like your own, may not happen during standard business hours! If you have a preferred vet for your cat, ask if the boarding facility can accommodate taking your cat to him or her if necessary, rather than another vet.


Even though they're animals, cats actually like to have privacy, and especially when using a litter box. Cats can get nervous if there are other animals around while they're relieving themselves, and this can cause issues with their toilet habits and resultant health problems.

Also, consider that all litter boxes need to be cleaned regularly; a cat can easily contract diseases and illnesses from using an unclean litter box, and old waste can attract bugs, flies, and other pests. Check to see if cats are afforded some privacy in the play area, such as boxes or compartments in a climbing tree, and if the litter boxes are private and cleaned as needed.