Common Injuries and Illnesses Guarded Against at Dog Boarding Facilities

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Common Injuries and Illnesses Guarded Against at Dog Boarding Facilities

15 June 2017
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Pets, such as dogs, may be likely to get injured or develop injuries when they are left at a boarding facility if the staff there don't take sufficient precautions. This possibility can cause anxiety among dog owners who may wish to leave their pets at a boarding facility. However, you need not worry excessively because the professionals who will be taking care of your dog normally do their best to ward off those illnesses and injuries. This article discusses some of those mishaps that they guard against.

Injuries from Other Dogs

Your dog is likely to play with other dogs during his or her stay at the boarding facility. Fights can break out between those dogs during playtime. Such fights can result in injuries to some of the dogs involved. The employees try to avert this problem by carefully grouping the dogs that play together. Dogs with an overly aggressive temperament may be kept in the kennels so that the possibility of a fight breaking out is minimised. Fights that break out are quickly broken up by the attentive staff. In this way, your dog will be protected from any injuries that may have resulted from a fight.

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough can be spread through the air or by direct contact with an infected dog. This disease can affect the respiratory system of dogs to the extent that the pets will have a harder time breathing. The staff at the boarding facility try to limit the likelihood of this condition by ensuring that all the dogs that they receive have been vaccinated against this disease. You should also ensure that your pet's vaccinations are still up to date so that your dog doesn't get affected in case another dog has the disease.

Digestive Issues

Dogs can develop a running stomach while they are at a boarding facility. Two major reasons usually trigger this problem. First, the consumption of unfamiliar food can trigger digestive distress. The boarding facility can avoid this problem by availing the same food that your dog has been eating at home. Better still, you can pack food for your dog if the boarding facility allows it.

Also, the dogs can develop a running stomach due to the stress that they undergo after being separated from their owners. This is particularly likely to happen in case a dog is being boarded for the first time. There is little that can be done to prevent this particular cause of a running stomach. However, it clears once the pet gets back home.

As you can see, boarding facilities try their very best to avert any preventable problems that can affect your dog during its stay at the facility. You should therefore have no fears about boarding your dog when you will be away for several days. Just do your homework and select the best dog boarding facility in your area.