Choosing The Right Care Option For Your Dog

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Choosing The Right Care Option For Your Dog

Over the years I've owned several dogs and each of them have had their own unique personality. For this reason, I've opted for different holiday care options depending on the dog. I've used boarding kennels, hired pet sitters and had family members look after my dogs, and I know choosing care for your dog can be stressful. I started this blog to share my experience and personal tips for choosing high-quality holiday care that meets the needs of your dog. You'll find posts on a variety of topics, such as ways to minimise disruption to your dog's routine, questions to ask boarding kennel staff and tips for helping your dog settle while you're away. I hope you find my blog interesting and useful.


What to Do With Your Horse’s Ashes After Cremation

25 April 2019
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After you've had your horse cremated, you can decide whether to have the ashes returned to you or not. If you opt to take the ashes, you have to decide what to do with them. What are your options? 1. Store the Ashes in an Urn If you want to keep your horse close to you even after death, then you can have the ashes placed into a memorial urn. You can then keep this urn at home or even place it in your garden. Read More …

What to Look For When Choosing a Cat Boarding Facility

20 June 2017
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While cats are very independent creatures who can be left alone for some time, it's often good to have them boarded if you'll be out of the house overnight, and especially if you're leaving the home for more than just a day. This is to ensure the cat is safe and doesn't suffer any injuries or medical emergencies while you're away, and also has some attention from humans! When you're ready to choose a cat boarding facility, note a few details to look for so you know you get one that is safe for your cat and that won't add to its anxiety of being in a new environment. Read More …

Common Injuries and Illnesses Guarded Against at Dog Boarding Facilities

15 June 2017
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Pets, such as dogs, may be likely to get injured or develop injuries when they are left at a boarding facility if the staff there don't take sufficient precautions. This possibility can cause anxiety among dog owners who may wish to leave their pets at a boarding facility. However, you need not worry excessively because the professionals who will be taking care of your dog normally do their best to ward off those illnesses and injuries. Read More …